Get Paid for Online Writing: How to Find Freelance Writing Jobs Online

An online writer can be a lonely one, especially if he or she doesn’t have the backing of a large literary agency or publishing company. But this has been changing rapidly thanks to social media and blogging sites. A writer can now publish his or her work without needing to go through the red tape of publishers, editors, printers and literary agents.

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The rise of blogs, Facebook and Twitter has given an online writer with a platform to meet new and interesting people and to pitch his or her work to them. New platforms for advertising are also being created. All these changes have made it easier for freelance writers who want to make a living with their writing to use social media and start pitching. As more people get comfortable with online writing and as online businesses become more aware of the benefits of social media, pitching your work through social media becomes more acceptable.

One way a writer can start pitching his or her work through social media is to create blog posts. A blog post is nothing but a short article that present information about the writer’s topic in such a way that persuades readers to seek out other articles written by the writer on the same topic. If a writer has just released a collection of short blog posts on his or her blog, readers will already be aware of the content and will be keen on what the writer has to say next. This makes it easier for the writer to convince online clients to take a chance on his or her work. In return, the writer will be able to make more blog posts, expand his or her client base and potentially earn more money.

Another way an online writer can use social media to pitch online writing jobs is to find freelance writing jobs posted on freelance job sites. These sites offer a number of categories for writers to choose from, so that they can search for online writing jobs that match their skills and expertise. Once the online writer identifies a set of writing jobs that appeal to him or her, he or she should immediately create a profile that details his or her services. This should include a brief bio that highlights the writer’s specialties and experience. Online clients should also be encouraged to contact the online writer directly to inquire about his or her services.

To find freelance writing jobs, online writers should also look to join online networks. For example, groups on Facebook and Twitter have become very popular places to meet with clients. Members of these groups often share tips about getting paid for online writing services. Clients who are seeking writers often post their requirements online, and those who are interested can easily find out what they are looking for. Some groups even have forums where clients can ask questions about writing services, and where freelance writers can provide tips and links to their published works. If an online writer cannot participate in a network like this, he or she should at least establish a professional relationship with a large number of clients so that they might feel inclined to refer him or her to others.

Finally, online writers should consider selling their published works on websites such as eBay. Writers should set up a profile on the site and begin bidding on writing jobs. The highest bidder will get the assignment, and the writer can earn money for their posted assignments once all the bids have been won. This method has proven to be very lucrative for many writers.