How to Be a Better Essay Writer

Essay writing is an essential skill for students. Teachers and professors assign essays throughout the academic year to assess student analytical and research skills along with written expression. Students who are proficient in essay writing have an advantage over their peers not only during the academic process but also much later in their professional careers.

Whether the essay is an argumentative or persuasive piece, there are certain strategies that can help students write more effective essays. For instance, using vivid language elevates an essay and helps the reader visualize an idea, fostering engagement. Taking into account counterarguments is another strategy that demonstrates nuanced thinking and strengthens the overall essay.

Another way to improve one’s essay writing is to read a variety of essays from professional writers, particularly those in broadsheet newspapers. Examining the language and structure of these essays can teach students how to frame an argument, support their arguments with evidence, and be concise. Economy with words is a crucial aspect of effective essay writing, as readers and essay-markers don’t appreciate reading long, rambling points that could be made in half the number of words.

In addition to improving one’s own writing, reading a variety of essays can also inspire new ideas and perspectives. Using this inspiration as a starting point, students can then apply their own unique perspective to an essay topic, thereby creating an original and impactful essay.

When writing an essay, it is important to be focused and avoid distractions. In addition, it is recommended to begin working on the essay well before it’s due so that students have time to revise the essay and make it as strong as possible.

Finally, it is recommended that students seek feedback from their peers and mentors after they have finished writing an essay. This feedback can provide valuable insights into how the essay will be received and can highlight areas for improvement.

Lastly, it is important to be honest in one’s essay and avoid attempting to manipulate the reader through the use of false claims or overstating one’s own opinions. Students should also remember to proofread their essays for errors before submission to ensure that they are free from misspellings, grammatical errors, and other formatting issues. By following these tips, students can write more effective essays that will earn them better grades and increase their chances of success in college, graduate school, and beyond.