How to Be a Good Essay Writer

Essay writing is not only an essential skill that will enable you to perform well in school, but it is also a fulfilling experience. It can help you explore your feelings towards a topic and discover what kind of writer you are. Moreover, it can improve your productivity. The reason is that it activates your brain cells and helps you become more organized. Hence, you will be more productive throughout the day. Besides, essay writing can also be beneficial for your mental health.

The first step in writing an essay is drafting. Drafting is a pragmatic and efficient process that allows you to structure your ideas while leaving room for further refinement in subsequent revisions. It is also the perfect opportunity to delve into resources and gather more evidence for your arguments.

Once you have finished drafting, it is important to make sure that your essay adheres to the required citation style (e.g. APA, MLA, or Chicago). Additionally, you should check that your essay has a coherent logical flow from the introduction to the conclusion. You should also look at your paragraphs to see if they are all discussing the same concepts, and if there is any consistency in language and tone.

To make your essay interesting, you should use different strategies to grab the attention of readers. Try to include surprising or outrageous facts, and write the introduction in a way that will make readers want to continue reading. You can also try using a thesaurus to expand your vocabulary, and play devil’s advocate or take the opposing viewpoint to demonstrate your argumentative skills.

It is also essential to use your own words in an essay, but don’t be afraid to paraphrase a quotation. By doing so, you can add weight to your argument while avoiding plagiarism. Be careful to avoid excessive quotes, however, as they may distract from your own arguments. If you must use a quote, make sure to mention it in the introductory paragraph and reference it afterwards. This will ensure that your essay is scholarly and not just a collection of other people’s thoughts. Similarly, don’t overuse synonyms – it can make your essay seem repetitive.