How to Write a School Essay

school essay

Throughout students’ educational careers, they will be required to write a school essay. Essay writing is a key skill that can be developed, refined and used in many different ways. It is important for students to practice this early on so that they develop the ability to write well and accomplish their essay goals.

Often, students want to write an essay that will be unique and stand out from the rest, but they have trouble starting. One way to help students get started is by encouraging them to look for a theme that runs through their experience. This will give them something to anchor their essay and provide an easy way to organize their thoughts. For example, they might choose to focus on values and how their experiences have shaped them. Students can then create a list of their core values and write about how each one has been influenced by different aspects of their lives.

Students can also learn to write a school essay by looking at examples. Encourage them to read several examples and find common themes. They can then use these themes to create their own essays. For example, if they see that the best essays tend to discuss overcoming obstacles and persevering, then this can be their theme. Students should then consider what they have overcome and how their hard work has impacted them. Developing this essay structure will help them craft a compelling, original story.

In addition to examining samples, it is also important to talk about how to format an essay. This includes discussion of how to cite sources and the importance of proofreading. Often, students forget to check that their essay is properly cited and that they are following the proper formatting, such as Chicago or MLA style. They should also ensure that they are putting enough thought into the essay question to answer it adequately.

Finally, it is helpful to discuss the importance of avoiding cliched topics for an essay. These types of topics, which are frequently used by other applicants, can become boring and generic. Students should encourage each other to think creatively and be original, even if that means choosing a less popular topic for their essay.

A final note to parents is that it is important not to over-help their students with their school essay. While it may be tempting to rewrite an essay or do a lot of editing, this can actually backfire. Trying to make an essay fit the mold of another school’s requirements is often seen as dishonest by admissions officers. They want to know how a student will fit into their school community, not how much a student can boost their own ego by bragging about their accomplishments. That being said, it is okay for students to seek feedback from teachers and counselors, but the final essay must be the student’s own work.