How to Write a Successful School Essay

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How to Write a Successful School Essay

High school essay writing is sometimes a difficult part of a teenager’s academic journey, but fortunately for most students the writing process is fun! Unfortunately, many high school students are not interested in writing creatively, critically, or persuasively. They have little or no interest in writing essays that will make their classmates, teachers, and even the college admissions officers want to read it! High school essay writing should be fun!

One of the best ways to encourage creativity and to make your essays “fun” is to arrange them into a simple essay format. That means following the basic essay format rules as established by The Associated Press Style Guide for school essays. Although AP has developed specific essay formats for different age groups and various topics, many schools still require all high school essays to conform to the AP style. Students should take time to learn and use these formats as they will make their essays more interesting and compelling to read. There are many resources available to help you learn the proper formatting for school essays.

Another great way to encourage creativity and argument in your high school essay is to include “how” in your discussion. When writing an essay, it’s easy to slip into a “I” statement, or use the lazy way of linking your paragraphs; however, this is not the correct approach. Instead, let every student engage in a discussion about the essay topic, this way each writer will develop his or her own opinion on the matter. Also, this type of discussion will show the importance of listening to other points of view, which can greatly help a student in future college applications.

A personal story is an excellent device for developing argument and presenting a case for the argument in your essay. You can include any number of personal stories, but the key here is that you must demonstrate the validity of the story using evidence. Remember to avoid excessive descriptions of personal experiences unless they directly relate to the content of the essay (a situation that many teachers find to be problematic). As an alternative, you could also describe the environment, school, or student body that produced the story.

Finally, your argument should be original and thoughtful. Many high school essays use well-known scientific or technological facts to support their conclusions, but these facts should be supported by persuasive arguments. The bottom line is that your essays must build on personal knowledge and experience. One of the best ways to do this is through research and real life examples. However, if you’re unable to adequately describe your personal research or experience, then you may want to utilize a writing skills writing service that provides this type of assistance.

Finally, remember that your essays must be unique. The only way that you can achieve this is by being creative and allowing your creativity to shine through in your writing. As a result, many high school students find it helpful to use an essay writing service to produce their final essays. While this might seem like a more complicated option for you, remember that in most cases writing essays is simpler than you might think, provided you follow a few basic guidelines.