How to Write a Well-Written School Essay

School life is one of the most important phases in a child’s life. It builds their personality, helps them learn about the world and improves their fine and gross motor skills as well as their problem solving and decision making capabilities. School also gives them a platform to interact with others and share their interests and opinions.

But not all essay writing is the same, and a well-written school essay requires a different thought process than, say, a college application essay. Regardless of the essay type, students should work through several stages of the essay-writing process to present a cohesive and thought-out written piece.

Students should also be mindful of the audience for their essay and the intended purpose of the essay. For example, a student writing a college essay on the value of freedom should not write an essay that focuses on overcoming oppression or prejudice. Instead, the essay should highlight the student’s freedom to make choices and express their individuality in a safe environment.

Another important point to consider is that it is important for students to take the time to read through a prompt and understand what the school is looking for in an applicant. Then, they should be sure to follow all essay requirements, including word counts and format. It is a good idea for students to have a parent or teacher read over their essays for proofreading and grammar errors before submission. However, parents should be careful not to overstep their boundaries by rewriting or editing the student’s essay. This may be seen as a red flag to admissions officers.

Finally, students should be mindful of the importance of citing sources when writing an essay. This not only adds credibility to the essay but can also help avoid plagiarism. Students should be sure to include a Works Cited page at the end of their essay, and they should always use current, reliable sources when writing their essays.

While school can be a challenging place for some students, it is also where they can thrive and gain valuable life lessons that will serve them in the future. By working hard, learning the importance of teamwork and staying focused, students can excel in their academic journey. The skills that they develop at school will help them throughout their lives, whether in the workplace or in their personal relationships. School provides a foundation for growth and success in all areas of their lives. It is because of the importance of school that it should be made a priority in everyone’s lives.