How to Write an Effective Essay Article

essay article

An essay article is a piece of writing that presents the writer’s opinion or analysis on a subject. It can be explanatory, argumentative, descriptive or narrative in style. An article can be found in news magazines, scholarly journals or online. Depending on the demographic of the readership, it can discuss current trends, report and explain the news, offer advice, compare and contrast, or enlighten the audience with facts about a topic.

An effective essay needs a strong hook that grabs the readers’ attention. This can be done by introducing the reader to an interesting fact, statistic or detail about the subject matter in the introduction. Using an anecdote, quote or other form of literary allusion also helps to get the reader interested.

The introductory paragraph should also include an overview of the topic and a clear thesis statement that clearly states what the essay will be about. The essay should then break into sections or paragraphs that each focus on a different idea related to the overall topic. Each paragraph should begin with a topic sentence that explains how the essay will be presented, followed by research evidence and explanation. Then the argument or analysis should follow.

It’s important that the writer cites all sources used to back up their arguments. This shows that they have done their research and are confident in the information they are presenting. It’s also a good idea to include a list of references that can be used as further reading.

The conclusion should bring everything together in a final paragraph that provides the reader with a clear takeaway or message from the essay. The final paragraph can also include a summary of the broader implications or consequences of the essay’s topic. For example, the Wright Brothers’ invention of the airplane paved the way for modern aviation and countless aerospace advancements.

When writing an essay, it’s helpful to have someone else read through it to check for errors and to catch any flaws in logic. This is especially true if the author is unfamiliar with the subject or has not written an essay in the past. This step can save a lot of time and frustration in the long run. An additional benefit of having another person read through the essay is that they may be able to suggest improvements. These may be small changes in word choice or a change to the overall flow of the essay. These revisions can help to make the essay more readable and effective.