How to Write an Essay Article

An essay article is a piece of writing that explores and discusses a particular topic or subject in depth. It differs from a newspaper or magazine article in that the writer typically takes on an argumentative stance and uses facts to support a thesis statement or point of view. The author may also use personal insights or reflections to create a unique interpretation of a topic. Essays are often accompanied by images, charts and graphs to help readers understand the topic in more detail.

To begin, the author should identify the purpose and audience of the essay. This will help narrow down the possibilities of topics and focus the research that needs to be done. In addition, the writer should determine if the essay is to persuade, educate or simply inform. Once this has been established, the author can begin to brainstorm and write down all the possible ideas that would fit the purpose and audience of the essay. This should be done on a sheet of paper to make it easier to compare, contrast and weigh the options.

The next step is to select one of the ideas that will form the basis of the essay. Then the author should conduct extensive research to gather as much information as possible about the topic. This should include primary, secondary and tertiary sources. Once the research has been completed, the author should organize the information into three supporting paragraphs. Each paragraph should have a topic sentence that clearly states the main idea of the paragraph. The supporting information should include quotes, data and key points that back up the main point. In addition, the paragraphs should be organized in a logical manner so that the reader can follow along easily.

When the first draft of the essay has been written, it is important to review it for clarity and consistency. During this process, the author should check for grammar and spelling errors as well as the overall tone of the article. Using a highlighter, the author can highlight any areas that need more attention. In addition, the author can underline or highlight keywords to emphasize them in the final copy of the essay.

The final step in the essay writing process is to provide a summary of the article and its key points in the body of the paper. The conclusion should summarize the main argument and evidence presented in the essay as well as discuss any future implications that may arise from the findings of the research. In addition, the author should cite the article using the MLA format. This includes the author’s last name and the publication date in parentheses. For example: (Smith, 2019). Lastly, the author should proofread and edit the essay to ensure that it is free from any grammatical or spelling errors. This should be completed before the essay is published online or in print.