How to Write an Essay Article

An essay article is an academic writing that discusses a topic in a specific way. It often requires extensive research and analysis of various aspects of a subject. It reflects the author’s personal view and knowledge of a topic. An essay article can be written in a variety of styles and formats. Essay articles are usually used in newspapers, magazines, encyclopedias and websites. Essay articles are different from news articles, as they are written with a particular objective and reader group in mind. They also require extensive use of citations and references, which are not always necessary in case of an article.

The first step to writing an essay article is defining the purpose of the piece. This will help the writer narrow down the topic and ensure that the final essay is well rounded and concise. The writer should then conduct an exhaustive research of primary and secondary sources to find relevant evidence to support the argument he is making. Once the research is completed, the writer should create a list of the most important facts that support the main points of the article. These facts should be clearly outlined and summarized in the first paragraph of the essay. This summary should be around a third of the original article’s length.

Once the outline is complete, the writer should revise and edit the essay. He should take care to use vivid language to evoke an emotional response from the reader and to avoid overusing adjectives that can dilute the strength of the writing. He should also consider potential counterarguments that may be made against his thesis statement and acknowledge them in the essay. This will show the marker that he is aware of other perspectives on the topic and that he is not biased in his own argument.

After the initial revision, the essay should be read by a trusted friend or colleague. This will provide a fresh perspective on the essay and highlight any areas that need further work. The writer should then address these issues and rewrite the essay in a way that is clearer, more concise and easier to read.

Once the final draft of the essay has been proofread and edited, it should be submitted for marking. The marker will be looking for clarity and accuracy in the arguments presented, as well as a strong command of the academic language that is used in the essay. It is also important that the essay maintains a consistent flow of ideas between the paragraphs. If there are any logical gaps, the essay will be difficult to understand. The last step of the essay process is to proofread again and to ensure that the referencing has been done correctly. This is especially important as referencing styles vary, including APA and MLA. Each style guide has its own rules and guidelines that must be followed. Using an online tool like Grammarly can help with this. This tool can check for errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation and also suggest corrections.