How to Write an Essay Article

An essay article is a written piece that discusses ideas, experiences and concepts in a clear and coherent way. It reflects the author’s personal view, knowledge and research on a particular topic. It is usually written for a specific objective and reader group. It can be either long or short and may contain a wide range of material including statistical data, expert opinions or verifiable facts.

The first step in writing an essay article is to define the purpose of the work. Is it to persuade, explain how to do something or educate? Once the purpose has been determined, the next step is to narrow down the subject. Start by making a list of all the topics that fit the purpose. Once the list is complete, you can begin to eliminate those that are too difficult or not relevant to the purpose. Once the list is narrowed down to a few choices, you can begin the process of selecting the best essay topic.

After selecting a topic, it is important to create an outline or diagram of the essay. This will help you keep track of the main points and make sure that all your ideas are included in the work. Having an outline or diagram will also help you when it comes time to write the body paragraphs. Typically, an essay will have three body paragraphs, but this can vary depending on the type of essay you are writing.

Throughout the body of your essay, it is important to provide supporting information that demonstrates your knowledge and support your argument. This can include statistics, key information, examples, or even personal anecdotes. It is also important to link your supporting information back to your main argument by using transitional words like however, in addition, or therefore. At the end of each body paragraph, it is important to re-state your main point and connect it to the following paragraph using a transitional word or phrase.

Be sure to provide full citations for all instances of outside source material. Whether it is quoted, paraphrased or summarized, each reference should be included in a Works Cited or References section at the end of your essay. Be sure to follow the citation style guide required by your instructor or the guidelines of the publication you are submitting your essay to. Finally, be sure to proofread your essay carefully and ask a friend to read it as well. This will help catch any errors and flaws in logic that you might have overlooked.