How to Write an Essay Article

essay article

An essay article is a piece of writing that presents an argument or explores a topic in depth, encouraging thoughtful discussion among readers. It combines elements of research, personal insights, reflections and interpretations to make a strong case for its central thesis. Essays may be accompanied by images, charts or graphs to enhance reader understanding and improve readability.

The first step in writing an essay article is to identify the purpose and audience of your writing. The type of essay you write will depend on your goal – whether it’s to inform or persuade, for example. Once you’ve figured this out, it’s time to begin planning your essay. This involves brainstorming, organizing your ideas and creating a timeline to ensure you have all the resources you need to complete your essay on time.

As you plan, it’s a good idea to create a draft of your essay to avoid any last-minute surprises. Ernest Hemingway once famously claimed that the first draft of anything is always crap, but drafting your essay will help you refine and organize your ideas before writing your final copy. When writing your first draft, remember to take into account any citation requirements based on the preferred academic style of your chosen genre.

A well-planned essay starts with an introduction that sets the stage for your thesis. The introduction usually comprises 10-20% of your essay, and should pique the interest of your reader. This can be done by posing an intriguing question, a surprising fact or a bold statement that highlights the importance of your subject.

Once you’ve sparked your reader’s interest, you can move on to a body paragraph that develops your main point. Each body paragraph should focus on one particular aspect of your argument, and each should build upon the information presented in the previous paragraph. You’ll also need to present evidence and reasoning in support of your argument, which means citing the sources of your research. This will demonstrate to your reader that you’ve incorporated scholarly perspectives into your writing.

Finally, a well-written essay article should include an explanation of how your argument connects to the broader scholarship in your field. This will show your readers that you’ve mastered your subject and can use this knowledge to provide a meaningful context for your own analysis. This is a key element in demonstrating the value of your writing.