The Essay Writing Process – Start Writing the Essay You Have Always Wanted

An essay is, by general definition, a written piece that deliver the author’s argument, but the precise definition is extremely vague, encompassing all kinds of writing, not necessarily dissimilar to a letter, newspaper, magazine, book, and even a short story. Essays are traditionally grouped as formal and personal. But in the 21st century, essays can be of any category and may be written in response to specific prompts, including prompts as to what you would like to read, where you would like to go for a holiday, what to cook for dinner, what sort of car you would like, etc.


The structure of the essay also varies, although the common denominator is the central thesis statement. The thesis is often a statement which grounds the entire essay (including the conclusions) and is usually written at the beginning. The thesis may be based on research, literature or even a personal observation. In short, the thesis makes the entire essay.

The remainder of the essay, known as the body, resembles a regular argument, supporting one or more of the main points. It may argue against, support, refute or agree with the thesis statement. The essay can be lengthy and even complex. The structure of the essay can vary, too, although a simple structure is common. The essay usually concludes with an introduction to the reader and an epilogue, which document the success or failure of the essay. Some authors do not write the end of the essay, leaving the reader to decide that it is completed.

The introduction is the section where you start writing the actual essay. If your thesis is well researched and understood, you will already have a strong base from which to start writing. If your thesis is weak or has obvious holes in it, you need to make the arguments and your case as strong as possible before you begin.

A narrative is a written account of something significant and usually happening. It usually comes with a particular sequence of events. Narrative essays use a particular narrative voice to tell the story. This style is very popular for creative writing and is best used for stories and essays where the focus is on the narrator’s point of view. You can use a narrative essay to explore a person’s character. The most famous ones are biographies, particularly about famous people.

Finally, the conclusion is where you summarize what you have learned through the course of your argument. The introduction and the conclusion of an essay offer great opportunities for students to investigate their own knowledge and to present new ideas. You can also use these sections as a chance to discuss areas that may have been left out of your original thesis. The essay writing process requires a certain amount of planning and organization before you begin writing.