What Does an Online Writer Do?

Online writer develops written content for digital publishing platforms and often works as a freelancer. They must have strong communication and organization skills as well as an extensive portfolio of published work. It is also important for them to be aware of current online writing trends. A bachelor’s degree in communications, English, or journalism may be beneficial. In addition to researching and writing content, online writers are responsible for submitting copy to clients and editing their own work.

Many different types of online writing exist, including blog posts, articles for websites and other digital publications, and social media content. Each type of writing has its own guidelines and conventions that must be followed in order to be successful. For example, in blog posts, it is important to use subheadings and short paragraphs that are easy to scan and read. It is also helpful to include images and use white space effectively in order to make the content easier for readers to digest. Online writing is often a bit more informal than traditional print writing, but it still needs to be professionally edited and proofread in order to be readable.

An online writer should enjoy writing and have a decent grasp of grammar. They should also be familiar with Associated Press (AP) style. If a new writer isn’t comfortable with AP style, it is recommended that they take a basic writing class before beginning to look for clients. It is also a good idea to find and utilize a grammar checker such as the one offered by Grammarly, which can be found for free on Google.

It is also a good idea for an online writer to create a website. This provides a place to showcase their portfolio as well as makes it easier for potential clients to contact them. Creating a website doesn’t have to be expensive, and it is something that should be considered if the online writer hopes to grow their business.

As an online writer, it is also a good idea to network with others in the industry. This can be done through Facebook groups, Twitter, or other social media channels. Connecting with other online writers can help them learn from each other and potentially find opportunities for collaboration.

Depending on the type of online writing, it is common for online writers to be paid per word or per project. It is recommended that a new online writer explore both options in order to determine which is best for them. Eventually, most online writers will move away from the per-word pay structure as they become more experienced and write faster.

Lastly, it is important for an online writer to keep improving their skills. This can be done through various methods, such as taking a course on a particular topic or working with a writing coach. It is also a good idea to stay up to date on best practices by following industry blogs and reading books.